Report on Mahara Con UK 2010 (#maharauk10) in 36 Tweets

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Mahara Con PresentationHere’s a quick report on the Mahara UK 2010 conference. I was making Twitter notes, as I went along and I’m not sure, there’s much more to add. Here they are in reverse chronological order:

  • Started keeping a list of interesting sites mentioned at #maharauk10 on Please add yours.
  • RT @donpresant: Newham College: video “elevator speech” became very popular…viraled out from one student #maharauk10 #Mahara
  • Community features of Mahara create implementation difficulties for secondary schools who worry about e-safety. #maharauk10
  • #Google gives us 6GB free email storage knowing most people won’t use it but only 1GB free photo storage knowing most people will. #edtech
  • Institutions need a change in philosophy to see themselves as part of an open community of practice to help embrace eportfolios. #maharauk10
  • RT @donpresant Newham’s Mahara home page at with icons that can be used by all re Phil Butler of ULCC #maharauk10
  • Is it time to retire paper CVs? How can we make employers at all levels take online eportfolios into account when hiring? #maharauk10
  • @maharame Would love to be part of the beta testing on the Mahara Android app. #maharauk10
  • RT @samwisemoss: RT @maharame: #maharauk10 at mahara conference 2010
  • Thanks to TDM for giving Android some love with a Mahara App. #maharauk10
  • Examples of Mahara views created by disaffected learners. #maharauk10
  • Liked RCA presentation on using Mahara for sharing results of research #maharauk10
  • Ditto: RT @samwisemoss: for @markwoodger Does anyone know if a plugin is currently being designed for CPD hr logging in #mahara? #maharauk10
  • RT @donpresant Solent developing a project working with Catalyst Mahara Lite to improve accessibility-phone-in audio? email? sounds interesting #maharauk10
  • about 20 hours ago via web
  • Staff perspective on Mahara at Southampton Solent #maharauk10
  • “academic on a stick” from Southampton Solent university at #maharauk10
  • RT @samwisemoss: #maharauk10
  • Great to be reminded of open source principles at #maharauk10 All too rare at #foss gatherings.
  • Coming up in Mahara 1.3+ #maharauk10
  • RT @donpresant: JISC, University of Glasgow, CLEO have contributed to Mahara, re Leap 2A and other aspects #maharauk10
  • Mahara project structure. #maharauk10
  • RT @donpresant: RGU provided #Mahara templates to help students in Fast Forward programs prepare reports on outcomes #maharauk10
  • Lesson for conference organizers that even Steve Jobs had to learn: don’t put presenters & participants on the same wifi. #maharauk10
  • “What’s good about using Mahara is that it doesn’t feel like learning.” #maharauk10
  • Mahara provided positive experiences that kept an exoffender from going back to prison. #maharauk10
  • “Mahara is different because nobody makes you do it.” #maharauk10
  • RT @dajan: #maharauk10 The Foyer Federation Mahara and Moodle integration case study
  • Eportfolio presented at #maharauk10 L:
  • We use eportfolios to build rich CVs for both students and practitioners but employers only look at paper. #maharauk10
  • UK Maharacon tradition of bad to no wifi continues at #maharauk10
  • Students don’t like Mahara because it duplicates the functionality of Facebook. Teachers don’t like it because it looks like it. #maharauk10
  • Lots of barriers to eportfolio implementation being identified at #maharauk10
  • RT @donpresant: JISC governannce toolkit for #eportfolio #maharauk10 or
  • RT @jaxstarr: Lisa Gray from JISC says ePortfolios are a genre – a set of activities #maharauk10
  • “There needs to one e portfolio for life.” #maharauk10
  • Arrived late at #maharauk10 (@ Westminster Kingsway College)
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