The day 2010-08-13 on @techczech

  • RT @lauras: Open source givers and takers – O'Reilly Radar #opensource #
  • RT @tomwhitby: Observation: Interesting how many people I started out with on Twitter about 1.5 yrs ago, have become EDU Thought leaders. #
  • Love the idea of a hacker camp for kids. Wish there was more on hacker ethic on the curriculum. #
  • RT @KuraFire: What's a good metaphor for a video game series losing its edge? E.g. “Damn, Star Ocean 4 totally went Wing Commander on us.” #
  • Discuss: "Not a single person on the Wright brothers' team had a college education, not even Orville or Wilbur." #edchat #
  • Why are passives so hard fire native speakers to learn to identify? I've seen EFL teachers get this wrong. #ellchat #
  • Why the fuss over Google Voice Actions? I dictate an SMS but still have to press send or choose from options. Why not voice commands there? #

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