Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-30

  • Attending: Focus on the Practitioner, Dyslexia Guild Conference 2011 | Dyslexia Action #dyslexia #
  • Language Log » What we believe in (evolution 12th most common thing) #til #
  • xkcd as always spot on – this time on University Website Design #edtech #
  • Geeks to educators & designers on learning > take into account "people who have different drives and priorities" #edchat #
  • How do you tell great music? It sounds as powerful in 8-bit as on an LP. Listen to Kind of Bloop now! #
  • Today I Learned about Today I Learned on Reddit #til #edchat #
  • @crazywizdom Very easy. Crashplan just runs in the background and does a back up every few hours. One online and one to an external HDD. in reply to crazywizdom #
  • 6 months and 10 days later all my files are backed up to @crashplan! Being backed up in a cloud is a wonderful feeling. #edtech #
  • This is just beautiful: xkcd: Tech Support Cheat Sheet < I would add look into settings & learn undo #edtech #itsupport #

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