The day 2012-04-02 on @techczech

  • #DRM on books is eventually a problem for everyone and casual sharing should be encouraged not decried by publishers! #
  • It seems that every time I have baba ghanoush I hear the #Habibi (darling) song. From Amman to Dublin. #happymemories #
  • What a hack: Store Your Shoes in a Hotel Safe to Help You Remember to Grab Your Valuables < why I love @lifehacker #
  • @jamesclay @nrparmar I deal with students (teachers) who sometimes need support to watch YouTube #mootieuk12 #
  • RT @nrparmar Turn blogging functionality off in Moodle, and send people towards (an integrated) Mahara instead #mootieuk12 < not a bad idea #
  • We are so obsessed with online #privacy that we forget about IRL security holes like looking around or reading the phone book. #
  • If you have a "Hungry Heart" for learning, then university is probably not right for you. #edchat #
  • RT @Bulgenen Looks like lots of discussion of cohorts in Moodle 2 #mootieuk12 < Sorry, I missed this, wish #Moodle cohorts would more #
  • New on Five features of Moodle 2 that take up most of our support time #mootieuk12 #accessibility #
  • RT @glynnmark enable students to create questions for use in quizzes Question creator role – MoodleDocs #mootieuk12 #
  • RT @sic_dan Admins – use the search box under the Site Admin settings. It is THE most useful thing! #mootieuk12 < I use it to all the time! #
  • Pecha Kucha: 4 things you thought you knew about screen readers! #mootieuk12 #accessibility #
  • HootSuite for Android lost a day of my tweets, again. Some important. Could have been a contender. #HootDroid #
  • RT @mberry From the Coalition Agreement: "We will end the storage of internet and email records without good reason". (via @BBCR4Today) #

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