5 Moodle 2 features that waste admin time

Moodle 2 has introduced some useful features that make administration easier. The search admin option, docking, AJAXified search of user lists, permissions setting, etc. But at the same time, it left important things out and/or made others more difficult. Some Continue reading

10 (now 12) Things I learned at the Moodle Moot 2012

Here are a few reflections on Moodle and Moodle Moot. UPDATE: I’ve remembered 2 more things I’ve learned: using SoundCloud to share audio feedback and the proposed Appification of Moodle addons. Find these new lessons at the bottom of the Continue reading

4 things you thought you knew about screen readers!

This is my proposal for a Pecha Kucha session at the MoodleMoot Dublin 2012. It barely scratches the surface but should be a good start for people who care about accessibility. If you only have time to read one post Continue reading

Putting lectures in their place with cautious optimism

Donald Clark takes the lecture to task (again) as being inappropriate as a form of instruction. This time citing as evidence a recent paper published in Science (available here). This post started as a comment on his blog but outgrew the comment Continue reading

Is BETT good for UK education? Towards a more open alternative! #BETT2012 #C84C

I visited BETT this week and left both excited and depressed. I was excited because I saw a lot of technologies up close and in the evening took part in Collabor8 4 Change where I got to talk to a Continue reading

No Longer Mad with Desire: Exactly the anDroid I was looking for

Image via Wikipedia Yes, my beloved Nokia E71 is showing its age and luckily its senescence was accompanied by the expiration of its contract. Enter the HTC Desire (my second HTC phone after the underpowered WiMo 730) and it’s been a great Continue reading