The day 2011-02-28 on @techczech

  • "no matter how many good people there're @ a company that has a tool at its disposal that is as dangerous & awful as DRM" #
  • Interesting idea: 'Embedded Librarian' on Twitter Served as Information Concierge for Class – Wired Campus – #edtech #
  • Another example of a good writer being completely ignorant about language: Fluency doesn't mean expertise! #engchat #
  • "Skype in the Classroom" Launches to Connect Teachers & Students Worldwide #edtech #
  • Be careful with generalisations like this: "No word for dyslexia in languages with good spelling systems" #dyslexia #
  • RT @mweller: New blog post: The book isn't dead, it just has new friends #
  • Good if generic advice by the "language hacker": "Stop learning the language, and start speaking it!" #engchat #

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