The day 2011-12-11 on @techczech

  • Frustrated philosophers are a sad sight. If only we had more power, they complain. Thank God, you don't, say I. #stw #
  • Professional competence is just as much social as cognitive. Professional standards pretend otherwise to the detriment of professionalism. #
  • @USMCShrink The solution is in complex systems of apprenticeships & professional development-what we have now-we just need to acknowledge it in reply to USMCShrink #
  • What would happen to society if we just assigned results on standardized tests randomly at every stage of schooling? #
  • @USMCShrink The problem is that professional competence is too broad and deep to test well and standardize. in reply to USMCShrink #
  • @USMCShrink There's a place for skills/knowledge tests. But the ones you mention are always backed up by apprenticeships unlike SATs, etc. in reply to USMCShrink #

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