The day 2012-02-08 on @techczech

  • @C4LPT @realwplearn How do we help Facebook to not hold our data (eg social graph) hostage? We need federated networks, not centralized. in reply to C4LPT #
  • @C4LPT @realwplearn We need institutions where organizations could come together around sharing. Reduce business metaphors of charity. in reply to C4LPT #
  • @C4LPT @realwplearn People have outdated ideas of value of information based on scarcity of print. Undervalue skill. in reply to C4LPT #
  • Customizable styles now in @Google #docs Still no zoom support – bad for people with poor eyes! #edtech #accessibility #
  • @mudrd8mz Not blaming Moodle but suggesting that it does not encourage the pedagogies it set out to do–outdated interfaces play a role. in reply to mudrd8mz #
  • @mudrd8mz In my experience, Moodle actually does not encourage constructionist pedagogies. Ends up being a bunch of files with a few forums. in reply to mudrd8mz #

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