The day 2010-07-22 on @techczech

  • Ken Robinson's TED talk is full of inspiring quotables but wrongly assumes that education's problem is a lack of ideas. #
  • Anybody who needs a reliable website quickly should try Drupal Gardens, now in open beta #
  • @footnotesrising Thanks for the literally re-tweet. I've been keeping track of metaphor related tweets on @metaphorhacker in reply to footnotesrising #
  • I analysed a week's worth of tweets and found out I write like @doctorow. "Proof": Sorry. More on @metaphorhacker #
  • Please read this before you have the urge to correct or infer hidden meanings from someone's grammar: And then don't! #
  • The increasing importance of open source for the EU at OSS Watch team blog #
  • How many people with a Yahoo/Google Toolbar: a) use it, b) know what it is, c) installed it on purpose, d)know how to get rid of it? #edtech #
  • All the stories about how the internet is making our lives more difficult seem to assume it was somehow easy before. #
  • @michael_rowe Would like to pursue the differences between health and education practitioners' use of research more. How about a webinar? in reply to michael_rowe #
  • @michael_rowe Interesting. In education, research is often inaccessible to practitioners who don't see it as answering questions they asked. in reply to michael_rowe #
  • Open Tweet to branded USB stick suppliers: Don't offer to email me quotes, list your prices on your website and I will give you my business. #
  • Is there a place in the UK that will tell me how much their branded USB drives costs without a ridiculous sales run around? #
  • @moodlehelen Was excited about Moodle 2.0 until I realized that its late release means I may not get to use it until 2011/2012. #
  • Any newspaper articles containing the phrase "for most of human history" make me immediately suspicious. #nytimesfail #
  • @michael_rowe It shouldn't be just funders. Practitioners would get even more out of an open research process. See in reply to michael_rowe #
  • Funders should require this: RT @michael_rowe: blogging your research #

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