The day 2010-07-24 on @techczech

  • @cliotropic Sounds like for you, Moodle is overkill-esp if you've a shared host. Also exciting things in store for SP in reply to cliotropic #
  • @cliotropic Moodle 2 will be much better albeit with a lot of clunkiness left in. Would be interested to hear how ScholarPress works out. in reply to cliotropic #
  • #btfail After 3 calls, BT made me move furniture and dissassemble their socket only to tell me I may have no broadband for five days! #
  • "responsiveness within [a distance learning] system is not a given" and must be constantly refreshed by practice p211 #
  • "Campus-level concerns can lead to…educators being directed towards solutions…less appropriate for their…contexts." #
  • "Directive systems increase the tendency that ways of working will be reified…which…then blocks true emergence." p195 #
  • As someone with an exceedingly non-linear mind, I'm amazed, I can't figure out how to use Prezzi. #
  • RT @hjames: This is cool. Document your open source contributions: #
  • Great to have something interesting to listen while testing Drupal modules: BBC Launches World Music Archive Open Culture #
  • @PavelBenes No to jsem rád. Už se těším až si budu moct na svou Kindli stáhnout digitální edice Čapka Choda. in reply to PavelBenes #
  • Disappointed the Kindle app on Android doesn't let me make annotations and tweet excerpts. #
  • How sure are we our own pet reform idea isn't like 'vertical penmanship' of 1910s? #Kindle #
  • "there are striking similarities between students born between 1982 and 1994 and older age groups.” re open technology #

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