The day 2010-07-27 on @techczech

  • My vote for #oneweek "2) Humanities portfolio/CV builder" – started jotting down some ideas on #
  • @TeachPaperless You shouldn't spend time looking for resources. You should be part of a learning community that leads you to them. #edchat #
  • Many of the ideas discussed in #edchat on role of resources were contained in the 1970s Humanities Curriculum Project: #
  • Many students & teachers thrive on the structure provided by textbooks. Many don't. OERs could cater to both. Present system can't. #edchat #
  • RT @theodometer parents demand textbooks motivated by their need to understand the structure of child's learning. They deserve this. #edchat #
  • @dannymaas @evmaiden Some students can learn more through creating than consuming resources. OERs could make it an option for them. #edchat in reply to dannymaas #
  • Charles Leadbeater-Education innovation in the slums "education needs to work by pull not push." #edchat #metaphor #ted #
  • RT @Mamacita: I've always thought the "teacher's edition" was a mistake. If the teacher doesn't know the answers. . . . get out. #echat #
  • @marynabadenhors True. When you hear a rustle from your Kindle, you know you're in trouble. You could use sound effects, though…;) in reply to marynabadenhors #
  • @dannymaas Do we even need publishers for Open Educational Resources? The teaching and academic communities can come together for curation. in reply to dannymaas #
  • RT @Mamacita: I cannot imagine a good teacher believing that EVERYTHING in any textbook is absolutely correct. It's just a tool. #edchat #
  • @geloomis @ColinTGraham Who guarantees quality of text now? See Texas School board for example. Open, community-driven resources are better. in reply to geloomis #
  • RT @andycinek: When we remove text we increase teacher's role in facilitating & monitoring credible content that comes in2 classrm #edchat #
  • @marynabadenhors You can use Instapaper to have webpages sent to Kindle or Mobile Phone for Sunday morning bed reading. #edchat in reply to marynabadenhors #
  • @stubbornella Extremely well argued. Affirmative Action in CS +1. Thank you for sharing via @hjames @epersonae @heyrocker in reply to hjames #
  • @BreannePH The collaborative highlighting on the new Kindle OS takes reading to a new level. I use it all the time. #edchat in reply to BreannePH #

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