The day 2010-08-02 on @techczech

  • I'm much less appalled by witless plagiarism than witless journalism covering the same things as everyone else. #
  • Yet another age-old behavior blamed on new technology: "a disconnect that is growing in the Internet age" #nytfail #
  • "OpenCourseWare…has been awarded the Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE) by Science Magazine" #
  • More and more sites like seem to use flash elements for headings–did I miss a memo or is this just bad design? #webdev #
  • New on Researchity: JISC Elevator might bring more responsiveness to research funding #
  • "It’s 125 years since the International Phonetic Association was founded." #
  • Never thought I'd say I'm with Woodhead: There may be no right answers in literature but there are a lot of idiotic ones. #
  • Finally someone doing interesting things with peer review: RT @mweller: Online, open access education research journal: #

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