The day 2010-08-05 on @techczech

  • "In e-reader accessibility race, new Kindle, iPad in front" #accessibility #
  • RT @eyebeams: …get the school community to do the heavy lifting always – peer tutotring, collaborative working – relationships #ukedchat #
  • Just reread Heinlein's "Starship Troopers" Predicted hyperdrive but had soldiers receive written letters. How good're scifi tech forecasts? #
  • On Twitter, It's Follower Quality Not Quantity that Matters #
  • My dream set up: Drupal Commons for community building, Mahara for portfolio management. Why reinvent the wheel? #
  • QR on the fly Bookmarklet a great solution for transferring links to phone if not on Chrome/Froyo. #accessibility #edtech #
  • @Google should make up for #wavefail by buying Android2Cloud or at least hosting it for free. #android #
  • Amazon's UK #Kindle store doesn't show numbers of books per category. Good news? Hardly! #
  • Sadly, sometimes when you do, too: RT @literacyadviser: Sometimes when you don't succeed it's actually the success criteria which are wrong. #

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