The day 2010-08-12 on @techczech

  • @fstoner Swype on Android is now only bundled with some phones. I use and love SlideIT on my HTC Desire which also supports other languages. in reply to fstoner #
  • True? If university education really leads to increased individual wealth then graduate tax based on income makes perfect sense. #edchat #
  • Gotta love GKP being all passive aggressive: "Have you ever tried to clean vomit out of the keyboard of a MacBook Pro?" #
  • 10 Super Social Media Songs [VIDEOS] #
  • Just deposited €5 with Flattr to share a bit of $ov€ for online content. Hoping micropayments catch on this time! #edtech #
  • @moodlerific @moodlehelen File management in #moodle 2.0 is why I'm willing to try an upgrade even with RC (if it comes) #
  • Judging by #philbitescomp philosophy appears to be an aspiration to the transcendental via a hagiography of the institutional. #
  • Dyslexia Action: "We desperately need career progression for teaching assistants…" #edchatuk #
  • HOW TO: Get Tweetable Moments from Your Presentations #

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