The day 2010-08-17 on @techczech

  • True for all decisions not just teacher evaluation: 'it’s better to be “data-informed” than “data-driven.”' #edchat #
  • RT @EdOptionsInc: What are the essential skills needed by today's teacher and how do we accomplish that? #EdChat in 30 minutes! #
  • "'Large scale', top down project [management] approach fails spectacularly. All the time." #
  • The only sensible market-driven reform in education? Double teacher salaries, halve classroom sizes. #edchat #
  • This metaphor is literally insane: "Publishing this data [is] going to create a more market-driven approach to results." #
  • This kind of pseudoaccountability in education is a good example of the danger of unreliable decontextualized data. #
  • @mbcampbell360 Often innovation in edu is used as pretext 4 costcutting. I can see sb saying let students learn by failure w fewer teachers. in reply to mbcampbell360 #
  • @amcunningham Thanks for the mention and for keeping the Twitterverse up to speed on research practices in medicine & more. in reply to amcunningham #
  • Failure is an important part of growth but this should not become an excuse for a lack of resources. #edchat #
  • Evidence, as if we needed it, that English professors can be complete ignoramuses when it comes to linguistics. #
  • How long is Ning going to be around with competitors running on #FOSS like Drupal Commons, BuddyPress, Oxwall, Elgg, Mahara, et al. #edtech #
  • @edenskills We shouldn't be starting from scratch when talking about internet & society. These aren't new arguments & we have data & theory. in reply to edenskills #
  • @edenskills Adler is probably relevant. I was thinking more of the critique of Chicago school's work on urban disorganization. in reply to edenskills #
  • No and no: "do we have a stronger sense of self nowadays or are we too reliant on our networks, connections to others" #
  • Plea for evidence-based proclamations on language: "Language has a way of turning pundits into fools" #
  • On TED as university: "I do have an issue with commentators reducing education to watching TV" #
  • My Twifficiency score is 46%. Whats yours? #

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