The day 2010-08-20 on @techczech

  • Reflecting on the power of WordPress 3 & Drupal 7, I wonder if some of my trials would've succeeded if I'd had these tools in 2005 #edtech #
  • This should be required reading for any research skills and ethics class: #
  • Helpful tips on overcoming the "frequency illusion" in statements about language from @LanguageLog #
  • Thanks to @opencontent for a great post on "Research on OER Sustainability and Impact" #
  • Case 2 for OERs: "Lack of access prevents many from benefiting from educational resources." #
  • OERs "financially self-sustaining allowing institution to provide a significant public good while generating new revenue" #
  • Dewey quote on "how learning is about more than having access to content" Thanks to @dlnorman #
  • RT @briankotts: Study: Children Who Blog Or Use Facebook Have Higher Literacy Levels – National Literacy Trust #edchat #

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