The day 2010-08-29 on @techczech

  • I love listening to Open Source stories such as this one on a FOSS library system. Too bad more decision makers don't. #
  • Sure doesn't feel like only 56,996,229 people are richer than me in the world this year. Still, time to share. #
  • If Twitter is so easy, why did I just spend an hour explaining someone how to use it with promises of more once they get the basics? #edtech #
  • RT @mguhlin: The ABCs of eBook Format Conversion – #
  • @arrington Highly recommended reading before completely absolving men from responsibility for gender imbalance in tech. #
  • Despite title, surprisingly balanced post on women in tech by Arrington. More soul & evidence searching needed, though. #
  • Any government intent on cutting expenses must seriously consider Open Source. This should be front page stuff: #

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