Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-23

  • @opensourcerer Learning to drive should be the minimum unit of effort for learning anything worthwhile. #edchat #
  • At long last: Kindle for Android Adds Highlighting, Notes, and Voice Search #edtech #
  • RT @ToddAHoffman: School leader promotes Twitter as communication tool for teachers #edtech #edchat #
  • Finally here: Moodle 2.0 Release Candidate 1 #
  • UK eBook customers complaints: 50% prices, 49% DRM #
  • Extremely exciting for students & researchers alike: #Zotero Everywhere Just wish there was more of a roadmap. #edtech #
  • @donpresant At present single sign on is as far as I've taken Mahara+Moodle+Drupal. Moodle 2 should make things easier through repositories. in reply to donpresant #
  • Google Goggles et al are virtually augmented reality. A Twitter conference backchannel is reality-augmented virtuality. #thatcamp #
  • RT @supraphonic: RT @malki: Yo mama so old the Illiad is a metaphor about dating her #
  • Kognice 2010 is the first conference I've been to that served exclusively vegetarian food. Stereotypes about Czech food be damned. #
  • Many older Czech academics seem to present literature survey conference papers without any original research. Not sure it's a bad thing. #
  • Listening to a talk on metacognition at Skeptical about its applicability to suitability for political office. #

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