#mootuk11 session proposal: Integrating Learning Technology Support into Moodle

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My proposal for Moodle Moot UK 2011 has been accepted. Here it is in case anyone wants to suggest things.

This presentation will share various experiences with providing technology support to Moodle users with varied ICT skills (teachers enrolled on fully online Postgraduate Courses).  It will evaluate various approaches that can be used independently or as part of a support portfolio: persistent Support presence on the website, user groups, online guidebook, screencasts, help desk, email support. As part of the presentation, various tools and services (both free and paid) will be compared, including: Jing, Screencast.com, Scribd.com, Camtasia, OSticket, Hesk, Snapengage.com, Skype, GoToWebinar and Moodle theming.

The presentation will demonstrate how these various services fit into a support workflow with several distributed personnel.

We have been trialing various approaches to improved Moodle support for two years and have now settled on a fairly stable portfolio. Most of our courses rely on pure e-learning and all of Moodle and learning technology support is done online.

This case study should be of interest to most Moodle support providers including those with attendance component.

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