The day 2011-04-03 on @techczech

  • Why is it easy to buy a bottle of beer and impossible to buy a loaf of bread at 9pm on a Sunday in my neighbourhood? #policy #bracknell #
  • "World’s simplest online safety policy" is so great I have to tweet again Too many quotables Please read and act! #edchat #
  • World of Microsoft: "you can't even talk to somebody without getting a bill at the end" vs #Drupal collaboration. #edtech #
  • RT @InnovativeEdu: The College Myth: Why College isn't Worth the Cost for Many Careers Today via @huffingtonpost #
  • "teaching English has morphed from being a mutually beneficial practice to becoming a massive international business" #
  • Just listened to a whole blog post using Odiogo and it worked so well, I immediately installed it on my blogs, eg #edtech #
  • Yes!> "being safe and responsible online does not mean hiding your identity but rather defining it and owning it" #edchat #
  • “Statistics and value judgment belong to different domains” => Statistical significance != real-life importance #science #
  • “You have to make a lot of assumptions in order to do any statistical test, and all of those are questionable” #science #
  • Women are the most likely early cultivators and inventors of sedentary agriculture. < I learned from > #feminism #gender #
  • Women's, not men's needs at the root of the invention of credit cards. I learned from: Louis Hyman, “Debtor Nation" #
  • Quora: Why don't metaphorical hawks kill metaphorical doves? Answer: #
  • Why We Buy: How to Avoid 10 Costly Cognitive Biases — PsyBlog #

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