The day 2011-10-19 on @techczech

  • They do already if they care! RT @marama #ulearn11 we need to teach learners to critically assess and question the information they consume. #
  • How can we encourage some positive competition to PayPal? "Diaspora Becomes PayPal's Latest Victim" #edtech #
  • "In an open educational environment, you can't 'ensure any educational outcomes' nor is it desirable to do so." #edchat #
  • Question: "Will education once take place on Facebook?" Answer: Education already is! Schooling? Probably not! #edchat #
  • Are we too unquestioning about blobs on brain scans? 'What Is Brain "Activation" on fMRI?' #pseudoscience #
  • Should I participate in #NaNoWriMo this year? All I have is the idea of a first sentence. Literally nothing else! #
  • Complaining about cliches is one of the biggest cliches there is. #

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