The day 2011-10-28 on @techczech

  • Beautiful fugue on the complexity of noun countability in English by @mgrammar. #ellchat #engchat #
  • "1 of the reasons that metric-centric systems can become so bad is that they almost always start out as something good" #
  • Agree: "for teams that actually need to collaborate, Dropbox is still wanting" < has been slow to innovate #
  • Do we say anything qualitatively new when we say the brain does something or do we just identify neural correlates of cognition? #neurochat #
  • Gates: "I…understand wanting to have a million dollars, it’s freedom, but…beyond that…it’s the same hamburger." #
  • $60 Akash tablet could do for education what XO laptop quite has not managed to do. Western govs take note! #edtech #

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