The day 2011-11-05 on @techczech

  • Sociology and her sisters often stick mundane things with exciting labels. But how often do we forget what the labels are really stuck on!? #
  • How often do we claim that there are no right answers while hiding the "one true answer" in the back of our mind? #
  • Of Bitcoin and Badges. | #
  • "I'm not stupid. I'm just ignorant of things I don't RSS" < Felicia Day is a genious #
  • RT @InnovativeEdu: If school is a right & privilege isn't it hypocritical to force people to be there? #edreform #
  • What would academia look like with a more accountable peer review system. #edchat #
  • Presentation Zen: "Slideuments" and the catch-22 for conference speakers #edchat #
  • Moral Compass Metaphor Points to Surprising Places | Metaphor Hacker – Hacking Metaphors, Frames and Other Ideas #

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