The day 2012-06-28 on @techczech

  • Google announces offline editing for Docs, available later today Hallelujah #edtech #
  • RT @gconole: New blog post: Excited about new technologies? #http // #fb #mscli #
  • The reverse-journal-submission system #open #oer < great idea but I prefer the meta journal approach #
  • @mweller but, there are also examples where ignoring past mistakes lead to breakthroughs (eg invention of telegraph) in reply to mweller #
  • "Lost learning opportunities through working memory deficits manifest over time as slow learning." #Dyslexia Guild Conference #
  • @mweller Plus memory is a creative process. Not a passive retrieval of "true" facts. We always negotiate memories. More on @metaphorhacker in reply to mweller #
  • @mweller I go back to Kuhn. Progress means forgetting. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But unavoidable. Also we often remember wrong. in reply to mweller #

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